Your Branded Online/Mobile Menu

Your online menu will have the same look and feel the rest of your website. Our food ordering system also allows you to include pictures for all menu items.

Administration Back End

First thing it will allow you to turn on/Off the online ordering from anywhere anytime and an auto message pops advising customers to call the restaurant to place an order. For those who are technically inclined and prefer to take matters into their own hands, we provide a full featured administrative web interface for making real time changes including; Pricing, Item Descriptions, Delivery times, & Allows for updating holidays, vacations, etc auto closed days…

Geo-coded Delivery

Geo-coded delivery mapping allows you to distinctly determine where your delivery boundaries are. The system automatically matches customers to the right location. Customers who are not within a delivery area can choose “take out” from any location.

Discounts, Combos, Special Offers & Packages

Discounts: Choose either a percentage or dollar amount off the entire order. Can be coded. Can require a min amount purchased before eligible. Can be restricted by days and times. These items appear in the checkout screen only. Packages: Are individual boxes that stand out to promote your specials! You can require code before customers can view them. Restrict them by time of day or days of the week. Restrict for delivery or take out only. Set min purchase amount. Can be set to allow only one of the same packages to be added to your cart. Special Offers: Example; Buy One Get One offers.


Customers can choose which toppings to include or remove so they always get exactly what they want.

Auto Close Holiday Schedule

Let us know the days of the year you will close, and we will pre-set them so online ordering will be off on those days to prevent orders. You enter this info yourself in our Admin and can customize the message to your customers.

Advanced Ordering

Your customer’s can place an order now for pick up or delivery later. This system prevents the kitchen from making orders by mistake, ensures accounting accuracy and 24/7 online ordering. Customers desired order time must be during normal business hours.