Experience ordering product
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Product characteristic

1. Reduce labor costs

Customers place orders through their mobile phones, which not only saves labor costs, but also avoids manual ordering errors.

2. Increase per customer expense

When customers need to order more dishes, they can do it by themselves, without to worry about bothering waiters. Service will never been delayed during peak hours any more. In case of this, Mr. Menu can significantly increase the per customer expense while increasing restaurant sales,

3. Reduce contact in service

Public health is always our first priority. Our online ordering system reduces the contact between employees and customers, but never lowers the quality of service.

4. Bring better customer experience

Mr. Menu reduces the working pressure of service staff during the peak hours, so that the waiter can better serve customers

5. Break language barriers

Mr. Menu allows international customers place orders without language barriers. It can recognize the language of the customer's mobile phone, and then make the e-menu self-adapt to the corresponding language.